Address: Suite 4, Whitehall Building
10 Central Avenue
Corner 3rd & Central Avenue
(Opposite Trinity Methodist Church)



  Executives: +263 772 348 038
+263 772 104 479
+263 773 264 193

Office: +263 738 493 548
Landline:      +263 4 793 201
Home:      +263 4 570 456


Our Co-Operation With Partner Schools

  1. Participate on Speech & Prize Giving events by giving out uniforms vouchers for outstanding performers at our partner schools. Partner schools are those schools that have agreed to list us as their uniforms supplier.
  2. Participate through donations or any such events where our Partner Schools undertake projects to raise funds for say to buy a bus, build a classroom block or swimming pool, introduce another stream eg ECD etc
  3. Our society has some needy but intelligent pupils. Upon request from a Partner school, resources permitting , we assist the disadvantaged students in various ways as spelt out by the school and assessed by ourselves I.e provision of school uniforms , school fees etc
  4. Funds permitting, donate to fund raising or other events as per school calender

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