Address: Suite 4, Whitehall Building
10 Central Avenue
Corner 3rd & Central Avenue
(Opposite Trinity Methodist Church)



  Executives: +263 772 348 038
+263 772 104 479
+263 773 264 193

Office: +263 738 493 548
Landline:      +263 4 793 201
Home:      +263 4 570 456



We at Dee’s Boutique pride ourselves in manufacturing & the provision of various regalia including but not limited to CORPORATE WEAR, SPORTS WEAR, SCHOOL UNIFORMS, GIFTS AND PROMOTIONAL ITEMS & PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, TENTS & CANVAS PRODUCTS; EMBROIDERY SERVICES and many more.

Dee’s Boutique , a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) is a registered company capable and
authorized to enter into various spheres of business ranging from manufacturing and distribution of school uniforms, protective clothing & accessories, rain wear etc, promotional wear, corporate wear, sportswear, promotional gifts, all knitwear (jerseys and cardigans), corporate wear, safety wear, sportswear, import and exports, any form of production, buying and selling, commodity broking, transport, communications, all types of manufacturing, construction, finance and embroidery services among other activities.

Tents/canvas/PVC cover (high roof tents ,hip roof tents, special hip roof tents , bell tents , cottage tents , general purpose shelters, luxury safari tents, bow tents, heavy duty & free standing marquees, camping equipment and accessories ans steel products), Head-wear (uniform caps, hats & berets, bush hats & ladies hats, formal head wear, chevrons courgettes & accouterments, embroidery & ceremonial accouterments, belts & accouterments, webbing equipment, various webbing systems, combat jackets, dress uniforms & helmets, overcoats & waterproofs, flame retardant clothing, protective clothing & accessories, rain wear etc), promotional wear, corporate wear.


To continue to be an exclusive local and international manufacturing, trading and marketing services company delivering products and services with a difference, to an exclusive and discerning target market for value creation.


To become a focused leader in the manufacturing, retailing/distribution and marketing business for exclusive products and services for customer delight, growth and value addition.


To build concrete and sustainable business relationships with all customers, current and future.


To have faith as a key driver in all that we do and in products and services we make for the satisfaction of all our customers.

To seek wisdom in all that we do for creativity, innovation and service delivery.

To always aim for success in whatever we do in order to grow the business and be of value to the communities we operate in.

It is our belief that all the above is achieved through Professionalism, integrity, innovation fairness and faith in GOD.


Eddington Chaduka
Marketing Executive

Responsibilities in Dee’s Boutique:

  • Business Development & strategy formulation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance and budgeting matters

Dorothy Chaduka Mrs.
Operations Executive

Responsibilities in Dee’s Boutique:

  • Service delivery and planning
  • Production
  • Procurement of raw materials/stocks
  • HR Management

Mr Eddington Chaduka, a seasoned banker and marketer and a holder of an MBA left formal employment end March 2010 as a General Manager of Retail Banking, Marketing (Including business development) at Metropolitan Bank of Zimbabwe Limited to set up the business.

Mrs. Dorothy Chaduka trained as a high school teacher and currently teaches Commerce and Secretarial studies at a local secondary school in Harare.

    faith • wisdom • success